Our Provided Services

We offer smart solutions to all our clients no matter the size. A clean environment brings about good vibes, energy and positivity and we make it our business to ensure such a space in every set up.


We offer disinfection services to meet private and commercial disinfection needs.

Deep carpet cleaning

We offer complete professional upholstery and carpet shampooing services.

Window cleaning

We provide window cleaning services for low, mid and high rise buildings anywhere.

Pest Control

We ensure your environment is safe, clean and healthy from pests.


We take care of the gardening, weeding, pruning, mulching & more.


We're here to help bring your landscaping to the next level.

Standard Day to day cleaning

Cleaning services to suite your residential and commercial cleaning needs.

Outdoor Cleaning & maintenance

We can clean your paving and other outdoor areas made of various materials.

Other Services

Pool maintenance, Personalized Car cleaning, Blankets and Curtains. Bespoke handy services.cleaner training

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Why Choose Us

We clean your space, inside and out and ensure that the environment is clean and fresh throughout the day.

We clean your office space, inside and out and ensure that the environment is clean and fresh throughout the day . Our team is trained to make sure this is done with minimal disruption of day to day operations. When you have a function or offsite trust that we will make it our business to make sure that the space is full of positive and fresh vibes.
Tired of hiring contract workers? Worry no more. We have a team that takes time to understand your environment, led by our health and safety department. What we will assure you is that “your mess is our business".
Be 100% guaranteed that your mess is our business inside and out. Our team is highly experienced, very agile and respectful. You are at liberty to provide your specifications in terms of your requirements and we will give you just that.
Couldn't find anything specific to your requirements? We have tailor-made solutions to suit your every need. Just give us a shout “your mess our business”.

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